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Innovative 3D Metal Printing

Additive manufacturing (commonly referred to as Industrial “3D Metal Printing”) is a digital process, which uses 3D design data to build components in layers by depositing material. Using exotic metals, the material can be deposited to build prototypes or small batches of parts with unmatched precision and speed. MWES has developed a 3D Laser-Wire Additive manufacturing process where high deposition rates for large parts are essential.  Complicated forms can be 3D printed that would otherwise be extremely difficult to create.

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ADDere is an additive manufacturing process which uses laser power as a main heat source to melt the base material, hot wire to pre-heat the welding wire and a motion system with a 6 axis industrial robot with multiple external positioner axes.



For more detailed information please download our White Paper MWES 3D Additive System: ADDere Innovative 3D Metal Printing

What is ADDere?

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Why is the ADDere Laser metal wire additive system the future of manufacturing?

Time to Market:

A dramatic reduction in time, from the design phase to the completion of the part, is possible with the ADDere system. Parts and processes that could take anywhere from months to even years to create now have the ability to be accomplished within days or hours. 

From design to part usually involves multiple steps what relay on each other’s completion. Design approval / lock design, ordering, designing and building fixtures, casts or forms, sourcing of material, casting or forging part and machining are some of these steps. Delivery times of up to one year are a common time frame for such parts.


The goal for lean manufacturing is to reduce the time-to-market by eliminating or reducing some steps in the supply chain. With the additive manufacturing process, steps like fixture design and build can be widely eliminated. The design is being loaded into the additive manufacturing system and the free build of the part can begin immediately. Common and exotic materials like duplex Stainless Steel, Inconel or Titanium are some valuable materials where the additive manufacturing is justified very quickly.

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With the ADDere process, deposition rates can range from 7 - 22 lbs per hour. These rates will change depending on the metal type and the geometry being used.



The material cost of titanium wire is about 140% less expensive than titanium powder. The amount of material used in the ADDere process is about 99%, whereas the powder based system's material waste is substantially more. In general, the cost for the same quantity of material, in powder, is about double that of the cost for wire. 

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