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Printing Outside the Box

Print large scale, exotic materials with ADDere Additive Manufacturing Services

Large scale jobs in exotic materials like titanium or super alloys are perfect for the ADDere Additive Manufacturing system.


We offer one of the largest envelopes in the industry for 3D printed metals with our laser wire additive system.

ADDere print volume: 2m x 1m x 1m (80” by 40” by 40”)

Path Width and Layer Height

While the ADDere system can be configured for narrower path widths and heights, as well as much wider paths, the diagram below represents the best combination of speed and layer dimensions.



The ADDere system can print most Ferrous-based metals including Nickel-based Super Alloys, as well as other metals. If the metal can be welded there’s a great chance ADDere can print it. To learn more about the more commonly used metals with the ADDere Laser Wire Additive system and examples, visit the links below:

If you have special material considerations for your project not list here, contact us. We are continually adding new metal formulations to ADDere’s abilities. We’re confident we can come to a solution for your metal material requirements!

If your business is looking for a 3D metal printing service, please contact us today! The ADDere Additive Manufacturing process can be the solution to your large scale 3D metal printing needs.

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