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Why Print with ADDere?

Bringing the power of Additive Manufacturing to large components and tough metals.

When you have large components, it can be prohibitively expensive to adopt some measure of additive manufacturing. In most cases, it requires the purchase of a very expensive machine just to try. With ADDere additive manufacturing services, firms can prototype at large scale and even run production quantities without the capital outlay or the relatively steep learning curve. 

Advantages of Wire over Powder

While Laser Wire Additive sometimes requires finish machining work, it allows for much larger prints than SLS printing methods. The Addere system regularly prints up 80” by 40” by 40” (2m x 1m x 1m) in envelope. That’s over 3X the build area of most powder deposition systems on the market - and without the costs of printing at large scales in SLS machines where material waste on its own can make 3D printing prohibitively expensive.

Faster than Casting

Some applications don’t require large runs, and the relatively time consuming process of casting components usually becomes the best option. With ADDere Additive Manufacturing Services, a firm can quickly print large scale components without having to source small run foundries or find vendors who can cast in exotic metals. 
ADDere can print nearly production-ready components that’s comparable to sand casting – perfect for full scale prototyping one-off’s or small production runs. With its industry-leading closed-loop feedback system, ADDere can guarantee high quality metallurgy across the entire product, side-stepping the costly process of testing pour quality.

Less Wasteful than Machining

With ADDere 3D Metal Printing, those larger prints turn out to be far more economical as well, mainly due to a 1-2% material loss rate of the Laser Wire Additive process. That means 98-99% of the material needed is used in your product. No more having to hog out large quantities of exotic material like Inconel or Titanium with expensive bits. With ADDere, only finish machining would be required - save the expensive tooling for finish operations!

If your business is looking for a 3D metal printing service, please contact us today! The ADDere Additive Manufacturing process can be the solution to your large scale 3D metal printing needs.

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