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ADDere Applications

Print your components using the industry leading super alloy and titanium metal additive technology, ADDere.

The ADDere Laser Wire Additive system lends itself well to a number of specialized opportunities that other methods of 3D metal printing cannot offer.

Full-scale Prototyping

The first of which is the ability to print very large parts in one operation – a feat most competing technologies could do only through breaking large parts to a number components and adding an assembly stage to the process. The ability to get large parts printed in one large build let’s manufacturers to prototype at scale and with the materials slated for production. While finish machining may be necessary, ADDere parts require far less time than completely milling from billet – especially with more exotic materials like Titanium or Inconel.

Low volume runs of large parts

Without requiring special setups or processes, ADDere Additive Manufacturing allows the possibility of more cost effective low volume runs of components. There’s no need for creating molds or complicated machining or custom tooling to orchestrate. Send ADDere your files and we’ll print your component runs and deliver them to your facility ready for final machining. 

Printing legacy stock on-demand

ADDere can also free your firm from holding stock of low volume legacy parts by offering the ability to print those large components on-demand, leaving only final machining. No need to go through the hoops of putting together small batch casting – or having to carry large quantities of service parts!

Reducing multi-variant part production costs

ADDere has the unique ability to deposit material on components made via other processes. If the material is compatible, ADDere offers the opportunity to make multiple variant parts much more cost effective.


For instance, the common aspect of a component line could be cast or machined on volume systems. From there, ADDere’s Laser Wire Additive system can build up customized features for lower run product versions that would typically be accomplished by ordering specific production runs for each variant. 

If your business is looking for a 3D metal printing service, please contact us today! The ADDere Additive Manufacturing process can be the solution to your large scale 3D metal printing needs.

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