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With ADDere's process, 'Additive' can also mean adding to pre-existing parts.

ADDere is known for 3D printing some very large things, as well as being able to weld very large things together, but what many don’t know is the process can also add to existing parts made through other processes.

The image above is showing one of the first steps in the process of building on pre-existing components. The dots on the surface are used to help create a dot cloud of the part’s surface. That cloud, in turn are used to create a 3D surface that the team will use as a starting point for adding new features to the part – that, by the way, is about four feet wide by 2ft high and originally made from a specialty steel formulation.

If you have an application that might benefit from a similar process, contact us today. We’ll work through the process and help determine if it’s right for your needs.

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