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Titanium Additive Manufacturing

Titanium, known for its high strength to weight ratio as well as its thermal qualities has made it a great choice for a number of aerospace, power generation and defense applications. The downside of titanium is its work-ability that typically requires advanced casting processes or fabrications designed to work around its strengths.


The ADDere additive manufacturing system can now streamline the titanium product design, development and production process by directly printing large scale components in the material, leaving only finish machining. By going directly from CAD to 3D printed part allows for quicker iteration times, making sure even short run titanium parts can be quickly tested and fit. Using the ADDere II system for production allows for large and complex component designs to be fabricated much faster than conventional methods. The laser-wire additive manufacturing process can produce a nearly finished component ready for only finish machining. This reduces total machining time hogging components from bar stocks, wasted material costs and opens the door to more efficient and stronger components.

Related Capabilities


Wing Spar Build

High complexity 3D print in titanium. Cross section aspects 3D printed in reduces construction times and makes for a stronger overall part.

Deposition rate: 6 Lbs./h

Build time: 3 hr.

Equipment used: ADDere III System

MWES Additive Layered Wall
ADDere Titanium Part

ADDere laser-wire additive manufacturing system in action 3D printing titanium

Completed 3D printed titanium cross-section trial run.

Cross-section Build

High complexity 3D print in titanium. Inner detail work makes for ideal additive printing.

Deposition rate: 6 Lbs./h

Build time: 1 hr.

Equipment used: ADDere III System

ADDere Titanium Part

Box section 3D printed in Titanium

Titanium Box Section

Deposition rate: 6 Lbs./h

Built time: 1/2 hr.

Equipment used: ADDere III System

20180718_090730_edit w logo.png
close up.png

3D Printed Titanium Solid Bar section

Titanium Solid Bar Section

Deposition rate: 7 Lbs./h

Build time: 6 hrs.

Equipment used: ADDere III System

If your business is looking at 3D printing in titanium, please contact us today! The ADDere Additive Manufacturing process can handle a wide range of alloys that can fit your manufacturing needs.

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