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WALS Quality Assurance Processes

The WALS laser wire additive manufacturing process control enables the ADDere system to 3D print consistent quality parts, not only in geometry, but also from metallurgical aspects. With this level of control, the ADDere additive manufacturing system produces layering that perfectly integrates with prior layers creating bonds at the molecular level, eliminating ‘cold shut’ issues or delaminating between layers.

Cracking, scabbing, blowing and blistering, typically found in poor quality metal castings, are also mitigated with the additive control system. The ADDere LWAM system offers fine-grain metal deposition control and the WALS software takes advantage of these possibilities. The systems combined achieve a high-grade deposition quality paralleling or exceeding the highest quality metal sand castings.

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ADDere tests and retests its process algorithms in every material it prints from mild steels to super alloys, and titanium to maintain the highest standard of metal 3D print quality. A number of print and material factors are recorded against prior metal deposition results to mitigate porosity, hot spots, cold shut issues and slag formation. The results of the metal 3D print tests are recorded by the WALS additive control system. Print quality results are indexed by material and manufacturer and compared over time to make sure ADDere can guarantee the best quality product.

With ADDere and the WALS control process, you can be assured that the 3D printed part is produced correctly, the first time and with the least impurities.


  1. Precise Metallurgical Grain Control

  2. Real-time, closed-loop full process monitoring

  3. Highest-quality dimensional Deposition Results

If your business is looking at 3D metal printing solutions, please contact us today! The ADDere Additive Manufacturing process can be the solution to many of your manufacturing needs.

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