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Did you know ADDere does laser welding too?

The same process that is used to build giant metal 3D prints is also used to laser weld metals. When set up to do additive, the system puts down layer upon layer of material. When welding, the laser is used to drive into the material to create a highly focused and managed weld pool. The material is then used to fill the weld as it goes.

The ADDere welding system can deliver great performance metrics that would be difficult to achieve with other methods. Here, we’re showing 3mm 310 stainless plates being butt welded in a single path – and without any sort of edge prep. As the video show, it can also do it quite quickly – at almost 60 inches per minute.

Two sheets of steel welded together

A closer look at a finished weld in the 310 stainless shows the much smaller Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) the laser provides, as well as the much tighter and more consistent weld a robot can produce.

The system can go far beyond 3mm plate to 25mm thicknesses of steel while still providing full penetration in a single pass. It can also be extended to do double-sided welding and scaled to work on the largest of assemblies. Further, our partner Laserline is working on even more powerful lasers that should open up even larger capabilities in the future.

Have an application in mind for this technology? Contact us today to have a conversation about how ADDere laser welding can change the way you look at welding!

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