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ADDere prints parts that are otherwise unavailable

One of the challenges of manufacturing is part obsolescence and it is the natural consequence of technological progress. Obsolescence can cause costly downtime, reduced productivity and increased waste if obsolete components break or malfunction. Therefore, managing obsolescence is critical for ensuring optimal performance and sustainability of manufacturing systems.

Additive manufacturing can manage some aspects of spare part obsolescence. The core idea is that if a component is no longer available from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), it could be simply 3D printed. This way, the manufacturer can avoid losing access to critical spare parts and reduce their environmental impact by minimizing scrap and waste. Additionally, 3D printing can enable the production of complex geometries and versatile materials that are difficult or impossible to achieve with conventional methods. This can enhance the durability and functionality of parts and extend their lifespan.

Metal additive manufacturing can solve part obsolescence by providing a more flexible and sustainable way of creating and replacing components. 3D printing can enable the production of complex and customized parts with less material consumption and waste generation than traditional methods. This can improve the performance and reliability of manufacturing systems and reduce their environmental impact.

If part obsolescence is a concern for your manufacturing operation or your industry is a victim of it, please contact us today. The ADDere large-scale additive manufacturing process can print in sizes and materials to fit your business’s needs.


Thin-walled metal components are 3D printed onto the existing part. The ADDere additive manufacturing process allows printing onto components built through other means.

Deposition rate: 3 lbs./h
Build time: 4 hours
Material: Carbon Steel
Equipment used: ADDere Standard System

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