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From Carbon Steel to Superalloys ADDere has 3D metal printing covered

The ADDere laser-wire additive manufacturing (LWAM) system lends itself well to a wide variety of industrial metal-based materials and superalloys to create large-scale components. With the closed-loop control system inherent in the ADDere additive manufacturing system, we’re confident high deposition quality can be had with virtually any compatible metal with near net shape results.

Below are the standard metal alloys and superalloys that ADDere has great success printing large-scale metal components in. Whether your project is of basic carbon steel or something more exotic such as Titanium, ADDere can make your builds a reality!

If you have special material considerations for your project not listed here feel free to contact us. We are continually adding new metal formulations to improve upon ADDere’s capabilities. We’re confident we can come to a solution for your metal material requirements!

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