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How large-scale 3D metal printing benefits the space & Aerospace industry

The space and aerospace industries are at the forefront of technological innovation, where precision, efficiency and reliability are not just goals but necessities. ADDere additive manufacturing has become a game-changer in these sectors, offering transformative benefits that are propelling manufacturing to new heights. ADDere’s ability to 3D print in metals like titanium and Inconel – and in large sizes – opens many possibilities for the space and aerospace industries. Processes like multi-stage casting or time-consuming milling can be vastly reduced by using the ADDere laser wire additive manufacturing system. The wire feed metal deposition process can even open up new geometry possibilities.

Unleashing Design Potential

ADDere provides unparalleled freedom in design, allowing engineers to create complex geometries that were previously impossible or too costly to produce with traditional manufacturing methods. This has led to the development of parts with optimized shapes and internal features, such as cooling channels in rocket engines, which enhance performance while reducing weight and material usage. Complex airframe sections can now be combined and printed as one unit, ADDere’s metal printing provides the opportunity to reduce large-scale aerostructure and airframe assembly time. The process also reduces the need for mechanical fastening or bonding needs while removing potential weak points.

Materials that Propel Us Forward

Space vehicle power plant manufacturing also stands to benefit from ADDere additive manufacturing. The ability to increase the number of components made from titanium or Inconel opens the door to higher temperature tolerances and much lower corrosion properties. These attributes are necessary for the harsh environments that space and aerospace engine parts have to perform in. By printing jet and rocket engine components like fan blades, discs, piping and casings, manufacturers can greatly reduce the machining time necessary to finish these precision engine components.

ADDere’s metal additive manufacturing process accelerates the innovation cycle by facilitating rapid prototyping and testing. This allows for quicker validation of designs and materials, ensuring that only the most efficient and reliable components make it to production. The potential for creating more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable aerospace components is vast, and ADDere is poised to play a central role in the future of aerospace manufacturing.

Aerospace components that ADDere can fabricate

Is ADDere right for you?

If your business is looking to manufacture components for the space industry from superalloys in a fast, cost-effective way, then contact us today. The ADDere large-scale laser-wire additive manufacturing process can print in sizes and materials to fit your business’s needs.

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