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3D metal printing opens design opportunities in the military & defense manufacturing industry

ADDere’s metal additive manufacturing is a game-changer for military applications in the defense industry by improving combat readiness, reducing costs, shortening the supply chain and eliminating part obsolescence. With more and more exotic metals being used for protective and structural components as well as high-temperature applications, the need for flexibility in designing these components also increases.

The opportunity to build components with metal wire deposition allows even more shape possibilities that are not available with conventional fabricating processes alone. ADDere allows military vehicle engineers to move past plate-on-plate design thinking without having to resort to expensive shorter-run castings. The ADDere metal 3D printing systems can also move component testing from concept to production-ready much faster, allowing quicker iteration times, regardless of whether the components are desired in a variant of Inconel, titanium or stainless steel.

Enhancing Readiness

One of the key benefits of ADDere additive manufacturing for the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is the ability to increase readiness while saving money. By developing common technology, standards and processes, the DLA ensures that the military services can share data and collaborate effectively. This not only enhances operational readiness but also drives cost efficiencies through reduced waste and optimized resource utilization. Additionally, with additive manufacturing, parts can be produced on an as-needed basis, reducing the need for large inventories and storage facilities. This on-demand production capability is particularly beneficial for military operations, where the logistics of transporting and storing spare parts can be challenging.

Supply Chain Simplification

ADDere additive manufacturing systems can simplify supply chains by reducing the number of steps and intermediaries required to produce a part. This simplification leads to increased efficiency and reduced lead times, which are critical in defense manufacturing where time-sensitive deployments are common. Moreover, those parts can be produced locally and on-site including at remote bases or onboard deployed ships. 

Repair and Maintenance

The ability to print replacement parts on-site or near the point of use is a significant advantage for military operations. ADDere’s systems enable the repair and maintenance of equipment in the field, reducing equipment downtime and increasing the operational readiness of military units.

ADDere has produced additive systems that construct large-scale titanium aerostructures and stainless steel heavy vehicle engine intake guarding, but the possibilities of ADDere are endless. If you are a components or equipment supplier for the Department of Defense (DOD) or are the logistics or procurement division of the military, then contact us today. ADDere’s custom systems can be scaled up to produce very large components or, if a smaller system is necessary, the ADDere standard system has a footprint that can fit on most shop floors.

Military components that ADDere can Fabricate

Is ADDere right for you?

If your business is looking to manufacture components for the defense industry from superalloys in a fast, cost-effective way, then contact us today. The ADDere large-scale laser-wire additive manufacturing process can print in sizes and materials to fit your business’s needs.

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