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What is ADDere

How the 3D Laser-wire Additive Manufacturing process works

At its heart ADDere is a 3D laser-wire additive manufacturing (LWAM) process for printing near net shape, large-scale metal components. ADDere uses a high-powered Directed Energy Deposition (DED) laser to heat the wire as it is fed into the melt pool while a hot wire delivery system is used to pre-heat the incoming metal wire. This process is essentially a form of automated build-up welding. With this combination, ADDere achieves best-in-class metal layer deposition with virtually no impurities and a part density greater than 99.99%.

Microstructure of Titanium deposition via ADDere's laser-wire additive manufacturing process

ADDere’s systems use a 6-axis industrial robot with an additional 2-axis positioner motion system. Using articulated robotics for motion control allows for a much finer position and the opportunity to deposit materials more flexibly than traditional Cartesian overhead gantry systems in the market. Additionally, the robust, closed-loop deposition sensor package maintains quality and precision at much higher levels. It further opens the ADDere LWAM system to even more metal 3D printing techniques due to the fine-grain control of the purpose-built control system.

The ADDere Standard System components diagram

Interactive illustration of ADDere's components

This video was produced by our robotics partner KUKA.

Can ADDere help your business?

If ADDere’s high-quality large-scale metal additive manufacturing process sounds like something that your firm would benefit from, whether it’s in aerospace, defense, oil & gas or any other industry, contact us today. The ADDere laser-wire additive manufacturing process can produce large-scale builds in a wide range of sizes and materials near net shape to fit all your manufacturing needs.

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