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Large-scale Additive Manufacturing Build Limitations

Before committing to ADDere’s laser-wire additive manufacturing process, be aware of the natural build limitations associated with the large-scale additive printing process. ADDere’s systems and print services can produce supported and unsupported walls with a minimum thickness of 4 mm with a maximum thickness that is essentially limitless. Additionally, features are limited to a minimum of 4 mm in size and unsupported overhang angles with a maximum of 45 degrees. Builds have a tolerance of 0.3 mm.

Wall Thickness Minimum: 4 mm Maximum: UnlimitedFeature Size Minimum: 4 mmTolerances 0.3 mmUnsupported Overhang Angle Maximum: 45 degrees

If you have any questions about the build limitations of large-scale additive manufacturing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. ADDere can accommodate and assist with your build design and provide suggestions that will make your project a success.

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