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Low-Run – Large Part Production

ADDere specializes in low-volume runs of large components

ADDere is designed to 3D print near net shape metal parts that offer casting-grade quality using a laser wire additive manufacturing process. In the time it takes conventional casting companies to merely build the casting cores, our additive manufacturing system can create complete components ready for finish machining. The time and cost reductions using the ADDere metal 3D printing system could mean the difference between profitability and costs being prohibitively expensive to make low volume, large size parts.

The ADDere system arrives at a near-net-shaped, casting-grade part in far fewer steps than conventional casting processes. Going from CAD geometry to printed part side-steps the need to create a pattern, ram a mold, pour and de-gate a part. Instead, the 3D print is ready for finish processes right out of the printer. This can reduce costs involved with smaller run parts as the need for labor to fabricate pattern work or to manually grind and de-flash castings.

For components that also see lower runs due to high customization or rapid developments, using ADDere additive metal manufacturing systems, makes changes to large-size metal components less time-consuming and expensive. Changes can be made in the CAD files before printing, instead of having to update or rebuild casting patterns before casting parts.

If your business is looking for a fast, cost-effective way for low-run large-part manufacturing, please contact us today. The ADDere large-scale additive manufacturing process can print in sizes and materials to fit your business’s needs.

Mold Form

Three-hour 3D laser-wire additive build time reduced subtractive processes. The carbon Steel metal printing process allowed customers to move into production faster and more cost-effectively than conventional processes.

Deposition rate: 6 lbs./h
Build time: 3 hours
Material: Carbon Steel
Equipment used: ADDere Standard System

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