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Once ADDere completes the print, post-processing may be necessary to finish and finalize the part. Post-process finishing will help clean up any additional weldment burrs or sharp edges commonly formed during the printing process. A final sanding, polishing and paint application can also help protect the metal from natural corrosion and enhance the appearance of the part.

In addition to the large-scale additive manufacturing process, ADDere optionally provides in-house part finishing. ADDere can provide grinding, deburring, sanding, welding, polishing and painting applications as part of the finishing process if desired or required by the customer. However, if the desire is for the part to be used as printed, accommodations can be made to keep the print near net shape.

Worker cutting metal with grinder. Sparks while grinding iron


Grinding is a necessary operation in order to remove the completed part from the build plate substrate. ADDere takes this process into account when laying down the initial build layers.

3D printed mold form in carbon steel after finishing process


Deburring can remove rough edges and sharp protrusions that are the typical result of the printing process. Removing the burrs can improve the overall surface quality and appearance.

Metal Sanding With Sparks


By nature, 3D-printed parts have a relatively rough surface, which is the expected result of the additive manufacturing process. A sanding operation can smooth out the roughness formed by the metal deposition.



ADDere can perform additional welding operations on the completed part. Such as mounting additional pre-fabricated components, building onto the initial build or correcting imperfections.

3D printed Duplex Stainless Steel nozzle after finishing


A final polishing application enhances the appearance, prevents contamination, removes oxidation and creates a reflective surface, as well as deterring natural metal corrosion.

Quality professional painting. Man is holding airbrush spray vaporizer for painting and dyeing


Besides being a cosmetic feature, a paint application will help protect the exposed metal from oxidation and natural corrosion and can extend the life of the part.

If your business is looking to have your 3D-printed parts run through one or all of the above post-processes, let us know. ADDere can accommodate virtually any material post-processing requests.

ADDere Print Services

Large components operate on their own economies from the high-volume parts made on laser-wire machines. Buying a large-scale additive manufacturing system without testing its abilities can feel like a gamble, especially when there are specialized requirements for the parts to be printed. Sometimes the number of components needed isn’t enough to rationalize the purchase of hardware needed to print the smaller runs. Many times it’s both.

In either case, ADDere understands the situation and provides metal printing as a service to manufacture these components on our machines. Whether to prove our system’s metal additive manufacturing abilities or to run parts without having to invest in 3D printing systems and training, ADDere can print your projects. Learn More…

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