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Multi-Material Part Cladding

High-level multi-material cladding ensures part durability

With a variety of metals at its disposal, the ADDere Additive Manufacturing process is a highly versatile laser-wire system that can be used for the application of cladding components with new or different materials. With ADDere’s fine grain control and closed-loop feedback system, overlay welding of materials on parts becomes a highly reliable and repeatable process that offers best-in-class quality.

To control deposition, temperature and location, ADDere’s quality feedback system updates the metal deposition process parameters in essentially real-time. This attention to minute detail in the process allows for the highest levels of cladding quality and performance, making sure a durable and complete wetting of surfaces is achieved.

ADDere’s motion system is based on robotic systems that offer some of the greatest abilities in applying overlay welding to shapes beyond simple geometric shapes or applying cladding in simple configurations. While cylinders and tubes are short work, ADDere’s system can provide articulation beyond what conventional gantry systems can provide, allowing the cladding of more complex geometries.

If your business is looking for a fast, cost-effective way to part cladding, please contact us today. The ADDere large-scale additive manufacturing process can print in sizes and materials to fit your business’s needs.

Part Cladding

Evaluation of the part cladding process.

Deposition rate: 5 lbs./h
Build time: 2 hours
Material: Titanium Ti64
Equipment used: ADDere Custom System

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