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A metal for highly corrosive environments

Hastelloy is an ideal material for highly corrosive environments which makes ADDere’s large-scale additive systems ideal for manufacturing complex parts. Hastelloy is a nickel metal that has been alloyed to increase corrosion resistance. This is primarily done through the addition of molybdenum and chromium. There are many grades of Hastelloy, with each grade having a different chemical makeup to be optimized for a specific set of properties. Because of Hastelloy’s qualities, it performs better in severely corrosive environments than other specialty metal products. The addition of molybdenum also increases general workability. Hastelloy alloys are also ductile and are easily fabricated and formed.

Typical Applications for Hastelloy

Given Hastelloy is designed to have outstanding corrosion resistance, it makes a great choice for any moderate to severely corrosive environments where product lifetime is important. With its resistance to oxidizing agents and acids, parts made from Hastelloy are commonly used in pipes and valves in the chemical and petrochemical industries. It is also used in reactor vessels in the chemical and nuclear industries. Hastelloy is also commonly used in harsh environments such as paper and pulp production and waste treatment.

ADDere’s additive manufacturing can streamline the development and production process of large-scale components made from Hastelloy. Contact us today and see if your manufacturing operations can benefit from ADDere’s additive manufacturing with Hastelloy.

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