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ADDere: A Strategic Asset for the Defense Logistics Agency

In the rapidly evolving landscape of defense logistics, metal additive manufacturing has emerged as a pivotal technology, revolutionizing how the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) operates and supporting the U.S. military’s readiness and capabilities. The DLA’s mission is to provide a resilient and efficient supply chain to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). ADDere’s additive manufacturing and 3D metal printing systems play a critical role in this mission by enabling the production of complex parts on demand, reducing the need for large inventories and shortening supply lines.

Improving Readiness and Reducing Costs

One of the key benefits of ADDere’s metal additive manufacturing process for the DLA is the ability to increase readiness while saving money. By developing common technology, standards and processes for additive manufacturing, the DLA ensures that the military services can share data and collaborate effectively. This not only enhances operational readiness but also drives cost efficiencies through reduced waste and optimized resource utilization.

Innovation Through Collaboration

The DLA’s approach to additive manufacturing is characterized by its four-pronged strategy, which includes integrating additive processes into the supply chain, setting standards for material handling, sharing technical data and incorporating 3D printing into the DoD’s IT infrastructure. This strategy underscores the importance of ADDere’s collaboration and partnership with military services and industry partners to drive innovation and support national defense.

Additive Manufacturing: A Game-Changer for Military Logistics

A notable example of DLA’s innovation in 3D printing is the Joint Additive Manufacturing Model Exchange (JAMMEX), which allows users to download and print 3D models from multiple sources through a single system. Launched in 2020, JAMMEX has proven invaluable for providing interim parts for worn or damaged equipment, showcasing the potential of ADDere’s additive manufacturing systems to enhance flexibility and responsiveness on the battlefield.

ADDere is the Future of Defense Logistics

As the DLA continues to refine its metal additive manufacturing processes, the potential for ADDere to transform defense logistics is immense. From remote part inspection processes that streamline the qualification process to developing a robust supply chain for 3D printed parts, the DLA’s commitment to innovation ensures that ADDere’s metal additive manufacturing systems remain a strategic asset for supporting our military’s mission readiness and effectiveness.

ADDere provides systems and services for defense and aerospace component manufacturers. Our additive process works in metals from stainless steel to superalloys such as titanium. If your traditional manufacturing process is slated for a transition to additive manufacturing or if you want us to run off a small number of parts for a low run or prototyping purposes, then contact us today. We have the in-house services and products to make that happen.

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