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ADDere Introduces a New Additive System

ADDere is expanding its capabilities by introducing a small format additive system that complements our other two large-scale laser-wire additive systems. The new ADDere system is built with a compact and portable enclosure that can manufacture metal parts as big as 500mm cubed in a fully inert gas environment. The Small Format additive system utilizes a 6-axis motion control gantry system and a 4-8 kW Coaxial Engine Laser. Otherwise, the Small Format system provides the same great metal printing capabilities as the two larger format systems.

With the introduction of a third additive system, the branding of the ADDere’s system line-up has been adjusted accordingly. The Standard System is now the Medium Format System and the Custom System is now the Large Format System. Beyond the name change the only other change to these systems is the inclusion of additional additive engine options.

The ADDere Small Format System is ideal for printing smaller on-demand parts. Additionally, with the system’s small footprint and portability, it can be set up in almost any environment. From a small shop floor to onboard an oil rig, let ADDere print your custom metal parts and avoid warehousing your parts.

If you are interested in seeing the ADDere Small Format System in person and speak with our additive experts then come to this year’s Fabtech which runs October 15th through 17th. We will have a functional system on display at the Laser Mechanisms booth.

Metal 3D printing is our business and if you need to print large-scale parts economically and quickly, then contact us today.

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