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Fabricating metal domes traditionally requires a great deal of precision machining or casting to achieve the proper shape of a dome. This can be labor-intensive and time-consuming work that makes part consistency difficult. Even casting a dome requires far more steps and complexity than printing it with additive manufacturing. Metal domes are widely used in the aerospace, defense, and architecture industries. Metal dome shapes have high strength-to-weight ratios, excellent thermal and acoustic properties, and aesthetic appeal.

However, fabricating metal dome shapes with additives is not a trivial task. It requires careful selection of the material, design and process parameters to ensure the quality and performance of the final product. ADDere additive manufacturing can produce consistent domes from any number of metal-based materials or even from superalloys.

The ADDere laser wire additive manufacturing system specializes in producing 3D printed large-scale, near-net-shape parts in a variety of metals including Titanium, Inconel, Stainless Steel and other superalloys, as well as most Ferrous-based metals.

ADDere has these additive manufacturing capabilities as well as many more printing capabilities. Contact us today if your business is interested in 3D-printed metal domes.

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Dome Shape

ADDere specializes in producing complex 3D printed large-scale, near-net-shape parts in a variety of common metals and superalloys.

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