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Piping and duct networks have the potential to be extremely complex, made from hundreds of differing parts. Unique fittings and connectors are commonplace in such complex piping and ductwork, and fabricating unique one-off parts can be cost-prohibited. In addition, piping and ducts can potentially carry highly corrosive materials through them requiring them to be made from an alloy that is both durable and corrosion-resistant. ADDere additive manufacturing can manufacture one-off parts quickly and cost-effectively from any number of metal-based alloys, including superalloys.

Piping and ducts made with additive manufacturing are becoming more popular in various industries, such as aerospace, automotive and construction. 3D printed parts allow for greater design flexibility, reduced material waste, and lower production costs. Piping and ducts made with additive manufacturing can have complex shapes, optimized performance and customized features that are not possible with traditional methods.

Some of the benefits of using additive manufacturing for piping and ducts are:

  • Improved fluid flow: Additive manufacturing can create smooth internal surfaces, reducing friction and turbulence in the fluid flow. This can improve the efficiency and reliability of the piping and ducts, as well as reduce noise and vibration.
  • Enhanced thermal management: Additive manufacturing can create hollow structures with internal channels for cooling or heating fluids. This can improve the thermal performance of the piping and ducts, as well as reduce the risk of thermal stress and fatigue.
  • Increased durability: Additive manufacturing can use high-performance superalloy metals that can withstand high temperatures, pressures, and corrosive environments. This can increase the lifespan and safety of the piping and ducts, as well as reduce maintenance costs.

The ADDere laser wire additive manufacturing system specializes in producing 3D printed large-scale, near-net-shape parts in a variety of metals including Titanium, Inconel, Stainless Steel and other superalloys, as well as most Ferrous-based metals.

ADDere has these additive manufacturing capabilities as well as many more printing capabilities. Contact us today if your business is interested in 3D-printed piping and ductwork.

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ADDere specializes in producing complex 3D printed large-scale, near-net-shape parts in a variety of common metals and superalloys.

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