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Best in Wire Additive Control 

Best in Class Laser Wire Additive Control 

During any additive manufacturing process, the 3D printed build quality is highly dependent on accurately maintaining dimensional and process parameters during metal deposition. Location, size, temperature, material quantity and machine speed are just some of the characteristics that need to be maintained for a quality 3D printed part.

ADDere’s Wire Additive Laser Software (WALS) is a comprehensive closed-loop software and sensor machine control package that takes the directed energy deposition process to the next level of quality and consistency by monitoring and reacting to these inputs in real time.

WALS Control System Advantages

  • WALS closed loop system takes complete advantage of the configurability and pliability of the ADDere LWAM system

  • The dynamic adjustment by WALS ensures consistent 3D printed build quality and near-net shape metal part production

  • WALS controls heat and material deposition inputs to minimize distortion, porosity and impurities

  • Each 3D printed layer is recorded for both sensory feedback and system adjustments to ensure a consistent build in current and successive parts.


Learn more about how the WALS metal additive control software works  and its process that provides a consistent repeatable quality print.

Related Information 

If your business is looking at 3D metal printing solutions, please contact us today! The ADDere Additive Manufacturing process can be the solution to many of your manufacturing needs.

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