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ADDere Metal Additive System Partners

Working with the Industry's Best

ADDere Additive Manufacturing has partnered with several international industry leaders to develop a complete and scale-able additive metal manufacturing solution capable of 3D printing some the worlds most challenging metals including Titanium and superalloys like Inconel 718 and other iron-based metals.


Leveraging our partners' knowledge and experience ADDere has built a laser wire additive system that can provide high quality components to some of the most demanding industries like aerospace, defense, marine and energy. 

Kuka Robotics USA

KUKA offers a unique and wide range of industrial robots and robot systems, covering all common payload categories and robot types.

A KR60Ha KUKA Robot is being used in the ADDere  3-D additive manufacturing system


Lasermet's experience and knowledge in the field of laser safety puts it in a strong position to define laser safety products and services, which meet the laser safety standards' criteria. As a result, Lasermet designs, manufactures and installs an extensive range of products covering all aspects of laser safety.

Laser Mecanisms

Laser Mechanisms is the recognized world leader in the design and manufacturing of laser beam delivery components and articulated arm systems. Laser Mechanisms' products are used in every type of industrial application, including cutting, welding, drilling, scribing, surface treatment and other processes.


Miller is about building things that matter. Miller leads the welding industry in building advanced, solution focused products as well as meeting the critical needs for welding safety and health. The Miller Electric Auto 300 hot-wire power supply is used in the 3-D additive manufacturing system.

Laserline is a world leader in diode laser manufacturing. With more than 4,000 installations, Laserline's diode lasers, which include features such as the LDM Series 9" rack design, LDF Refrigerator Design, VG6 or Laser Generation 6 LDF Series and other distinctive attributes, are among the most successful beam sources for industrial application in the multi-kilowatt range.


DINSE welding systems offers the highest standards of functionality and performance. DINSE offers technologically advanced solutions for all areas of application. The programme ranges from traditional products through manual welding systems to robotic and automatic welding systems.

If your business is looking at 3D metal printing solutions, please contact us today! The ADDere Additive Manufacturing process can be the solution to many of your manufacturing needs.

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