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Need Large Metal Parts?

Let ADDere do the Printing

Print your components using the industry leading super alloy and titanium metal additive technology, ADDere.

Interested in the benefits of additive manufacturing for your product or production process but most solutions just aren’t big enough? Looking for materials a bit more specific than steel or aluminum? Have a high performance application that requires best-in-class metal deposition quality?

Our machines have a print area over three times the size of most conventional SLS machines, allowing full-scale prints for some of the largest applications that previously would have been done through short run casting, broken up in a series of small assemblies or through time-consuming milling or other subtractive methods. Learn more about how ADDere’s unique abilities can make your production process easier.

The ADDere additive manufacturing system’s best in class closed-loop feedback system offers the industry’s most advanced and reliable print quality. From assuring deposition geometry in real time to overseeing metallurgical quality across the entire print, ADDere can provide the most reliable prints in the market.

Choose ADDere to increase your large component production speed without having to outlay funds for capital expenditures. Learn more about applications ideally suited to ADDere additive manufacturing services and get an understanding what differentiates us from other 3D printing providers!