ADDere Additive Manufacturing

The Environmental & Economic Advantages that ADDere Brings to Manufacturing

The ADDere Additive Manufacturing process has several environmental and economic advantages over traditional manufacturing methods of casting or subtractive machining. ADDere allows for on-demand part manufacturing at the point of use which will shorten supply chain demands. These advantages can lead to lower overall manufacturing costs and a reduced turnaround time, as well as better resource efficiency.

Foundry metal casting
Metal Casting Foundry

One of the main environmental advantages of ADDere Additive Manufacturing is that it reduces material waste and energy consumption. Additive manufacturing uses only the amount of material needed to create the desired shape, unlike subtractive methods that remove excess material from a larger piece. This reduces the amount of scrap metal that needs to be recycled or disposed of and the energy required to process and transport it. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, additive manufacturing can reduce material waste by up to 90% and energy consumption by up to 25% compared to traditional manufacturing methods. Furthermore, this technology has the potential to increase energy productivity, provide better design flexibility, and cut production time, all while providing high-impact job opportunities.

Another environmental advantage of ADDere Additive Manufacturing is that it enables the creation of lighter and more optimized parts that can improve the performance and efficiency of various products and processes. For example, additive manufacturing can produce hollow or lattice structures that are not possible with other methods, which can reduce the weight and increase the strength of aerospace and automotive components. This can lead to lower fuel consumption and emissions, as well as longer service life and lower maintenance costs. ADDere can also produce parts with complex geometries and internal features that can enhance the functionality and performance of one-off custom parts typically seen in the petrochemical industry.

ADDere standard system opened up
ADDere Standard System

ADDere also has several economic advantages that can increase the competitiveness and profitability of various industries. One of these advantages is that additive manufacturing reduces the need for expensive tools, molds, and dies required for traditional manufacturing methods. This lowers the upfront investment and operational costs, as well as the lead time and inventory requirements. Additive manufacturing also allows for greater design flexibility and customization, enabling faster innovation and adaptation to changing market demands. Furthermore, ADDere can facilitate distributed and localized production, which can reduce transportation costs and environmental impacts.

If your manufacturing process still relies on casting or subtractive machining and you want to reduce the environmental impact your operation generates then contact us today. ADDere’s systems can be integrated into your existing production process or a standard ADDere system will allow your facility to produce parts on-site, either of which can make a meaningful impact on the environment.

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