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Largest System Size

With iterative improvements to the previous ADDere system, MWES has produced a production-ready version of the ADDere additive manufacturing system. Basing the latest adaptation of the laser wire metal additive manufacturing system on the previously proven systems, MWES has assembled our industrial 3D printing system with our closed loop sensor system and system specific control software.

As with previous versions, a high accuracy industrial robot is the heart of the system. A 20 KW diode laser delivers the laser power together with a 500 Amp hotwire welding system. The system allows for additive build sizes up to 1575" wide, 310" long and 75" tall. The ADDere SYSTEM III also has the capability to weld on both sides of a substrate to allow for the highest in additive manufacturing flexibility.

Wire materials like Inconel, Ti and other exotic materials combined with our specially developed laser head allow for some of the highest deposition rates in the industry while still providing best in class metallurgical qualities and material disposition rates with extremely low impurities.


SYSTEM III Specifications:

Built part size: (LxWxH): 40x8x2m / 1575inx 310x75in

Built part weight: not limited

Laser power: 20kW

Positioner: not included

Deposition rate: up to 30 lbs./h (steel)

Sensor system: real time, closed loop

Software package: ADDere by MWES

If your business is looking at large scale additive 3D metal printing solutions, please contact us today! The ADDere Additive Manufacturing process can be the solution to many of your manufacturing needs.

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