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ADDere Is Working on Big Things With Oak Ridge National Labs

We have partnered with GKN Aerospace to install one of our ADDere System II large scale additive manufacturing production cell at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. GKN’s “Cell 2” system uses our laser wire metal deposition technology. The system is currently being used to develop large 3D printed aircraft components. Features of this version of our ADDere System II cell include a 52in x 32in max substrate size, 8-axis of motion, and inert environment, 20kW laser and two-sided deposition ability.

GKN Aerospace is a leading multi-technology Tier 1 aerospace supplier, specializing in developing, building and supplying an extensive range of advanced aerospace systems, components and technologies. The firm signed a five-year agreement with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to use additive manufacturing to develop large titanium parts for aerospace applications.

Over the last 3 years, Midwest Engineered Systems has continued to develop and advance the ADDere industrial additive manufacturing system. The ADDere’s innovative closed loop system guarentees industry-leading material deposition quality throughout the build process. ADDere has worked to set the standard in the very large scale metal additive manufacturing industry with unlimited possibilities at the cutting edge of technology.

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