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Whitepaper: Replacing Short run casting with Laser Wire Additive

Casting has been the tried and true method for producing large-scale, high-mass components for centuries. The process is straightforward and easy to understand, but sometimes there are situations where other options are needed, including turnaround time, materials specifications, or even part cast-ability.

We’ve put together a whitepaper that talks about where Laser Wire Additive Manufacturing (LWAM) makes sense in place of conventional metal casting processes. For someone who may have a great deal of experience with casting, the guide is also designed to walk through how the additive process works and to make the transition easier to specifying additively manufactured components.

To learn more, the white paper can be downloaded from our website. If you have more in-depth questions about how our LWAM-based DED additive systems work or a specific application you’d like to discuss specifically, contact us today!

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