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ADDere Systems

ADDere Industrial Additive Manufacturing Systems

The Midwest Engineered Systems developed ADDere additive manufacturing system consists of a number of versions from smaller scale, portable systems like the ADDere SYSTEM  I to the part production manufacturing focused later versions. All configurations of the metal 3D printing system are based on laser wire additive manufacturing technologies that work on a fused deposition method in metal.


While the process may be simple to visualize, the performance of each of the ADDere machines lies in the purpose built hardware and software that imbues the machines with best in class performance. That performance is not just in dimensional quality but in solid, repeatable metallurgical performance. What the ADDere system can achieve makes it ideal for high demand industries like aerospace, defense and others that require trustworthy common and exotic metal printing at a large scale.

ADDere System I outside 01.png
Metal industrial additive manufacturing 3D printing system
3D printed Titanium impellors for aerospace and defense industries
ADDere II laser wire additive manufacturing system
ADDere III laser wire additive manufacturing cell
TI Structure_7.30.2018.png

If your business is looking at large scale additive 3D metal printing solutions, please contact us today! The ADDere Additive Manufacturing process can be the solution to many of your manufacturing needs.

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