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Streamlining Industry with Additive Manufacturing

Metal additive manufacturing has the opportunity to offer efficiencies in several industries. The ADDere 3D metal printing system offers a variety of benefits for markets that see a high level of customization or specialization where conventional manufacturing processes might be stretched to provide the services needed.

The ability of the ADDere laser wire additive system to print in exotic metals and nickel-based superalloys like the many grades of Inconel required for high temperature environments opens up a number of possibilities for your product design requirements. For instance large, and especially complex, components that need to be fabricated in lower quantities than are comfortable by conventional processes are excellent fits for the ADDere 3D printer. 

Learn more about industries and applications where the ADDere additive manufacturing system shines and where we have already seen the greatest potential for impact with our 3D metal additive process.

If your business is looking at 3D metal printing solutions in any industry, please contact us today! The ADDere Additive Manufacturing process can be the solution to many of your manufacturing needs.

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