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Carbon Steel Additive Manufacturing

Get to Finished Product Faster with ADDere!

The ADDere Lase-Wire additive manufacturing system can print a variety of carbon steel grades. The metal 3D printing system offers some of the best layer to layer adhesion and metallurgical properties in a finished 3D printed metal component. The ADDere’s closed loop control system and purpose-built control software ensures the highest grade deposition of most grades of carbon steel perfect for complex structural work found in the off-highway industry or defense applications where build quality is a necessity.

Using the ADDere system to print large scale metal components also has the opportunity to reduce development times. By printing the component in metal directly from CAD files allows for faster fit up times and product testing by reducing the need for conventional prototype work. Printing parts with the laser-wire additive system produces a large component quickly, that’s ready for finish machining. The system also reduces waste material costs associated with other methods available – sometimes using up to 99% of the material on the product!

ADDere 3D printed Carbon Steel Part
ADDere Carbon Steel Part Additive manufactured

Additive Manufactured rubber mold form in carbon steel before finishing

3D printed mold form in carbon steel after finishing process

Mold Forms for Rubber Parts

Three hour 3D laser-wire additive build time reduced subtractive processes. Carbon Steel metal printing process allowed customer to move into production faster and more cost effectively than conventional processes.

Deposition rate: 6 Lbs./h

Build time: 3 hrs.

Equipment used: ADDere I System

ADDere Propeller 3D pinted onto other metal components

Propeller fins 3D printed directly onto commodity steel stock

ADDere Propeller additive manufactured and finished

Additive manufactured fins after finishing

Thin-walled metal components 3D printed onto existing part. The Addere additive manufacturing process allows for the printing onto components built through other means.

Deposition rate: 3 Lbs./h

Build time: 4 hrs.

Equipment used: ADDere I System

Boat Propeller

If your business is looking at 3D printing in carbon steel, please contact us today! The ADDere Additive Manufacturing process can handle a wide range of alloys that can fit your manufacturing needs.

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