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Duplex Stainless Steel Additive Manufacturing

Print Complex Metallurgy Consistently with ADDere

While Duplex Stainless has a variety of up-sides, including corrosion resistance, heat transfer and even greater strength to weight than other grades of stainless steel, it also presents certain metallurgical considerations that could make it difficult to work.  These characteristics that makes Duplex Stainless Steel attractive to the petrochemical, oil & gas, solar and nuclear power industries, also require machining and fabrication processes to be extraordinarily careful.

With the ADDere laser-wire additive manufacturing process, with its precision laser heating and closed-loop control system, allows for precise heat control across the entire 3D metal print build. This keeps the Duplex Stainless Steel microstructure consistent across the entire additive metal build. 

Going with Additive manufacturing in duplex stainless steel also reduces the machining requirements on complex components, reducing cost as well as the issues revolving around the complexities of welding the material. 

Duplex Steel_cleaned up.png
ADDere Duplex Stainless Steel Part

Duplex Stainless 3D print before finishing

3D printed Duplex Stainless Steel section with mill finish applied

Duplex Stainless Steel Build Plate

Deposition rate: 23 Lbs./h

Built time: 3 days +

Equipment used: ADDere III System

Duplex Stainless Steel Build Plate

Large Blade.jpg

Turbine Blade

Highly complex stainless steel part that stands 5ft 11in tall with a height variant of >0.5mm. 

Deposition rate: 4.5 Lbs./h

Built time: 30 hours

Equipment used: ADDere III System


Rocket Thrust Chamber Assembly

Highly complex seamless stainless steel part that stands 42in tall with a wall thickness of 3mm.

Deposition rate: 4 Lbs./h

Built time: 20 hours

Equipment used: ADDere III System

If your business is looking at 3D printing in stainless steel, please contact us today! The ADDere Additive Manufacturing process can handle a wide range of alloys that can fit your manufacturing needs.

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