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Marine Industry

Large Scale 3D Metal Printing Makes Big Marine Parts Easier

Large watercraft like submarines, oil tankers, rigs or cruise ships can be exercises in engineering but even more so in sourcing the low run, large size components needed to build these craft. The ADDere additive manufacturing system opens another avenue to get these parts built. By the process of laser-wire deposition, the ADDere can build large scale components in a variety of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel and many other iron-based alloys. It can also print in more exotic superalloys like various versions of Inconel and even titanium.

The ADDere system is even capable of depositing printing material on previously cast or forged components, allowing firms to cast or otherwise manufacture a ‘common core’ component and utilize the ADDere to directly print additional features for whichever implementation is necessary.


ADDere is also a capable system to augment the repair of large scale metal components. The wire disposition additive system can hard face worn componentry or print features damaged or lost in a machine’s operation. Having this ability can reduce more than the cost of getting large, specialized marine components repaired, it could greatly reduce the downtimes that come with the repair.

If your business is looking at 3D metal printing solutions in the marine industry, please contact us today! The ADDere Additive Manufacturing process can be the solution to many of your manufacturing needs.

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